October 26, 2011

MIDI Harp Obsessions-4

still writing...on and on....went to the beach....
looked at the dark grey sky.... 
wind and rain cleared up brain... 
came back...still writing

October 04, 2011

MIDI Harp Obsessions-2

I started writing  the piece for MIDI harp+winds. It will be included in the MIDI Harp Project which will be recorded next year. There is a nice article on my work with the MIDI harp here : http://www.harpblog.info/harpblog/2011/09/camac-voice-september-2011-elisabeth-valletti.html

francoise ha van

October 03, 2011

MIDI Harp Obsessions-1

Starting this new blog. The previous one was deleted. "They" thought it was a spam. Lets see how long this one stays on...

francoise ha van